Sandbox vs. Production

Operating in your environment.


The Developer Portal provides access to the sandbox environment and allows familiarization with the Markaaz API Services. Access to the APIs is managed through your Markaaz Enterprise Portal account.

The Enterprise Portal is also used to configure and manage the set of configuration parameters used by the Markaaz API suite. The sandbox environment limits the number of API calls that a trial user can make and certain premium features in the Decisioning and Monitoring Suite are disabled. However, the response data returned by the sandbox APIs is coming from the production Markaaz Directory of more than 450 million global businesses.

Once you've been onboarded as a customer by the Markaaz team, and a commercial account is established, access to production will be enabled.


The production environment uses the same endpoint but the base URL is different and does not include the reference to "staging". For an integration, store the base URL as a variable in your code and then it's a simple process to make the change and begin accessing production. We'll also provide the production API Key and Partner ID. Just as with staging, the enterprise portal will be used to manage your account and configure the services provided by the Markaaz APIs.