Getting Started

Get your trial API key and start exploring the features of the Markaaz Developer Portal.

A Practical Guide to Get You Up and Running With the Markaaz API Services.

If you haven't already requested your API Key please do so now, Request API Key. You will be provided with an API Key (x-api-key) and a Partner Id (x-partner-id). Make a note of these items but keep them secure just like you would with any access token. Please also note the trial account limits you to 100 API calls.

Using Your API Key

Upon clicking into the API Reference section for a specific endpoint, you will see a section similar to this where you'll enter the x-api-key value into the Header field. You do not need to edit the Base URL. You may also choose a programming language you wish to implement. CURL is a command line call and that is possibly the easiest to test but can also be used in other ways.

Authentication Section

Entering Your Partner ID

In addition to the Header field located in the Authentication section shown above, there is a "HEADERS" block in the center of the API Reference page where you will enter your Partner ID (x-partner-id) as shown below.