Release Notes

v2.0 Initial Release Aug 1, 2023

Releases by Date:

May 23, 2024

  • The Enterprise Partner Portal (EPP) now supports Advanced Match for Business Lookup and you'll see a re-arranged menu with Business Lookup now featured at the top of the menu. The Business Lookup response data now has tool-tips implemented to help users better understand the data.
    Advanced match provides the ability to call for a business identity and not just get one perfect match response, but up to ten entities considered to have attributes and tokens of similarity. You may select show non-matches which will ignore the match confidence threshold, returning those which may fall below the threshold value. We now also provide the option for field-level grades for each entity returned making it very easy to see where the commonalities and differences exist.
    This comes in handy in cases where the identity of a business is not obvious, such as a business operating with a different name (DBA) or else, or in industries and business names that are heavily populated. In this case, we power a deeper search logic, allowing our customers and partners to look under the hood, and with a confidence score that is configurable to their needs and use case, providing the insights needed for the business.
  • Various minor EPP UI issues corrected for consistency of look and feel.

April 25, 2024

  • Anyone using Postman may need to re-import the collection to pick up the most recent API changes deployed in this release. There are no breaking changes in this release.
  • The business entity field, registrationDate, is added to the Firmographic data group and reflects the data the business registered with the government.
  • Minor updates to the Portfolio and Monitoring API's to provide better status and tracking.

November 21, 2023 - April 4, 2024

  • An Advanced Match API was delivered which provides the ability to retrieve more than one "match" per API as well as providing input parameter (Field Grades) assessment on the quality of the match at the field level.
  • A change was made to the Business Lookup UI to provide better visibility of the Markaaz Match Confidence Threshold setting to allow a better understanding of the matching. We have also added a trace id to the response supporting faster investigations of service requests.
  • We continue to provide refinements to the Enterprise Partner Portal (EPP) UI to make it easier to understand and use for our customers.
  • EPP Contract Terms Page Updates
  • Our API access is now governed by the EPP Contract Terms configuration. Calls to sandbox API's are not constrained by the configuration and all sanbox API's remain open for development and integration testing by our partners.
  • The Markaaz Master Terms & Conditions are now available on the EPP Contract Terms page.

November 7, 2023

  • No API changes released.

October 31, 2023

  • EP Internal ID (epInternalId) has been added to the Markaaz Match input payload. This optional field may be used to assist in traceability to your backend system. This value is not used in any matching but it will be returned in the match response payload.
  • EP Internal ID (epInternalId) has been added to the Portfolio Details response payload. The value may be passed in when adding an entity to a portfolio, again for the purpose of traceability to your backend system.
  • Region (State) is no longer a required field. This was done to better support global addresses.
  • The matchConfidenceThreshold has been added to the Markaaz Match response payload. This serves as a record of the threshold setting at the time the API was called and provides further confirmation that your settings are as expected. If you wish to change the threshold, this can be performed in the Enterprise Partner Portal by an Administrator on your team.
  • A monitoringStatus field has been added to Portfolio Details response payload.

October 3, 2023

The legalStructure data field (string) has been added as an enhancement to the Markaaz Firmographic API response. legalStructure is a localized description of a business legal structure for which values vary by country.

August 1, 2023

Markaaz is set to release our v2.0 APIs in August. Version 2 is a significant change to the way our APIs are called and provides simplified entry with one API used to match and return the basic entity information. Also returned by the matching API, the Markaaz ID is the key to unlocking access to the data and services provided by most other APIs. With v2.0 we are also simplifying the compliance API and the decision API. You may also notice we are eliminating all but one of the GET APIs in v2.0. Similar to the v1.0 GET APIs, most new v2.0 POST APIs will accept a Markaaz ID as the input parameter. Refer to the architecture diagram or guides for more information. The one GET API is to retrieve your list of portfolios and does not require any input parameters.

Markaaz is making these changes to provide a simpler, more scalable and more flexible solution so that we may continue to evolve our products faster and provide a better, and easier to integrate, service to our customers.

Some new data is also being added in v2.0 including National ID and a Markaaz Global Credit Risk Score. More details on the new data fields and some new APIs will be available in the coming days. Check back for updates.

The Markaaz API Services enable enterprises to verify a business’s identity in real-time and automate approval decision-making to streamline onboarding processes and reduce risks associated with bringing on new small business partners. Markaaz’s unique Directory of over 300 million businesses, 98% of which are small businesses, powers our set of easy-to-use APIs and no-code offerings.

v1.0 APIs are deprecated.