Overview v2.0

Learn how Markaaz API Services can supercharge your business processes.


Markaaz API Services help overcome common onboarding pain points that enterprises face:

  • Inability to verify many small businesses
  • Slow application completion
  • High cost to manually process/identify many small business records
  • Ability to maintain compliance with existing customers
  • Ability to monitor changes in small business customer information

Explore the rest of our documentation and API reference to learn how the Markaaz API Services can be used to supercharge your onboarding, monitoring, and compliance processes.

v2.0 Markaaz API Services Architecture Diagram

Get the Answers You Need

Access the data you need when you need it by accessing the Markaaz Directory. With data on over 300 million businesses and continuous updates there is no need to manually create a business and then wait hours for records to be created and verified.

In the following Authentication section, we'll walk you through making your first test call to get some business details in the form of our  Firmographic Data.

The Business Verification API Suite

These APIs enable enterprises to tap into the Markaaz Directory in real-time to verify small business applicants. With just a few variables used to match the business, the Markaaz Directory can deliver Firmographic Data, Compliance AML Data and Business Health Data.

Additionally, Markaaz offers a Person-to-Business verification endpoint to address the gap in the association of people to their business. It answers if a specific person is found by name in the array of officers or as the primary contact for a specified business.

The Business Decisioning API

Maraaz Business Decisioning

These APIs enable enterprises to build on the Business Verification APIs and apply a set of configurable rules in real-time to supply an application decision and the details behind that decision based on metrics you set. To ensure a standardized set of metrics is used for each API request, the Markaaz Enterprise Portal is used to manage the settings.

Any decision can be audited by examining the decision details to determine which of the rules were satisfied and which rules were not. Decision results can be tailored by editing the parameter thresholds using the Markaaz Enterprise Portal should you have changing business needs or would like to be more strict or less strict with your approval criteria.

The default values along with all decision parameter descriptions and data categories are listed in the guide for the Business Decisioning API.

Portfolio Management and Monitoring

Markaaz offers the ability to create a collection of entities called a portfolio. If your enterprise account has been configured with a portfolio, you can call the portfolio list API to discover the information about a portfolio and the relevant information needed to use the portfolio. Entities for which you have a Markaaz ID may be added or removed using an API and once added, you may call portfolio details to get the information regarding any entity record in the portfolio. At launch, the primary purpose of a portfolio is to service the monitoring capability, but Markaaz will continue to develop more features and capabilities around the concept of the portfolio.

In addition to the portfolio capability you may also enable business and/or compliance monitoring for any entity that has been added to a portfolio.

Request a Trial Key for Authentication

The Markaaz Enterprise Portal is also used to request a trial key. You will need to create a free account by providing us with a little information about your business. Once we've verified your contact information, you will be provided with a trial API Key and a Partner ID which you can then use to execute our Business Verification or Business Decisioning APIs. Certain premium enterprise features are disabled until you have a paid account. This is further described in the Integration sections.

Security You Can Trust

To learn more about all of our certifications and security measures visit the Markaaz Trust Center.

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